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Bank realisation

Bank realisation

Lakeside Properties International GmbH

We have the largest supply of real estate directly from the recovery of banks. These properties are very special in price.

The prices for an apartment, for example, start at around €30,000.

We show only a few examples.

You can request the complete overview.

Apartment Complex
Commercial Building in Zwickau Germany

Object type:Building for living and business

Location:08056 Zwickau

Year of construction:1996

Land area ca.:133,00 m²

Total area ca.:359,14 m²

Living area ca.:294,78 m²

Useful area ca.:359,14 m²

Vacancy ca.:65 m²

Purchase price:€ 375.000,00

Actual rental:€ 16.731,12

Target rental:€ 20.419,12

Yield:5.4 %

Commercial & Living Building in Donauwörth Germany

Building for living and business

Location:86609 Donauwörth

Year of construction:1946

Land area ca.:839,00 m²

Total area ca.:2.892,23 m²

Living area ca.:236,90 m²

Useful area ca.:2.892,23 m²

Purchase price:€ 6.250.000,00

Actual rental:€ 335.508,00

Target rental:€ 335.508,00

Yield:5.4 %


Ground with Lake in Babenhausen Germany


Location:64832 Babenhausen

Land area ca.:340.144,00 m²

Total area ca.:340.144,00 m²

Useful area ca.:340.144,00 m²

Purchase price:€ 4.600.000,00


The property is an area of land with a lake in Babenhausen.
The site has a total area of approx. 340,144m², consisting of a gravel lake and adjacent property areas.

The gravel extraction will be finished in the next 1-2 years and the extraction areas will be cleared.
This will free up potential building land, especially in the southern shore area.
Furthermore, there is still an option area for the eastern shore area of the lake with a property area of another approx. 57,000m².

Parts of the lake are already used by an angling club and a residential house.

Of the total area (without additional area), about 142,000m² are to be regarded as water area.
Approximately 93,000m² (including some water areas) are available for construction.

3 Apartments in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Residential (3 Flats)

Location:10435 Berlin

Year of construction:1900

Land area ca.:831,00 m²

Total area ca.:240,11 m²

Living area ca.:240,11 m²

Useful area ca.:240,11 m²

Purchase price:€ 1.443.000,00

Actual rental:€ 7.140,00

Target rental:€ 47.088,48

Yield:3.3 %



Commercial & Living Building in Hildesheim Germany

Object type:Building for living and business

Location:31134 Hildesheim


Year of construction:1965

Land area ca.:548,00 m²

Total area ca.:1.471,49 m²

Living area ca.:84,04 m²

Useful area ca.:1.471,49 m²

Vacancy ca.:469 m²

Purchase price:€ 3.850.000,00

Actual rental:€ 130.028,64

Target rental:€ 201.000,00

Yield:5.2 %

Office Building in Oberhausen Germany

Office building

Location:46045 Oberhausen

Year of construction:1958

Land area ca.:1.019,00 m²

Total area ca.:3.201,00 m²

Useful area ca.:3.201,00 m²

Vacancy ca.:1.656 m²

Purchase price:€ 2.600.000,00

Actual rental:€ 168.000,00

Target rental:€ 409.000,00

Yield:15.7 %

Commercial Building in Kiel Germany

Office building

Location:24111 Kiel

Year of construction:1995

Land area ca.:1.495,00 m²

Total area ca.:827,00 m²

Useful area ca.:827,00 m²

Purchase price:€ 1.400.000,00

Actual rental:€ 89.639,64

Target rental:€ 89.639,64

Yield:6.4 %

Apartment in Neustadt Germany

Object type:Flat

Location:01844 Neustadt

Year of construction:1997

Land area ca.:1.507,00 m²

Total area ca.:30,22 m²

Living area ca.:30,22 m²

Useful area ca.:30,22 m²

Vacancy ca.:30 m²

Purchase price:€ 30.000,00

Actual rental:€ 2.082,00

Target rental:€ 2.245,00

Yield:7.5 %






Commercial Building in Eisleben

Object type: Commercial

Location:06295 Eisleben

Year of construction:1600

Land area ca.:5.853,00 m²

Total area ca.:8.216,00 m²

Useful area ca.:8.216,00 m²

Vacancy ca.:4.206 m²

Purchase price:€ 1.890.000,00

Actual rental:€ 128.609,64

Target rental:€ 360.000,00

Yield:19 %

The property is a historic ensemble of buildings in the centre of Eisleben. The first buildings were erected around 1600 and later extended by further buildings. Fundamental renovations were carried out in 1999.

The building stock is divided into 2 building carrels with several, partly interconnected commercial buildings. The buildings are predominantly 3-storey and are listed. The building stock includes the town residence of the former Mansfeld County as well as Martin Luther's death house.

The existing total area of approx. 8,216m² is currently used for commercial purposes.

Building Carree 1 is located directly on the market and has been completely renovated. The main tenant is a hotel. Parking spaces for hotel guests are available in the inner courtyard area. The hotel has a lobby and restaurant on the ground floor of the front building and a lift to the floors. In the rear area of the carree, there is a physiotherapy as an additional tenant. The hotel has a long-term lease, the physiotherapy has recently extended until 2021.